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> POSTED: 22/08/16 20:26



This weekend we were celebrating the 10th year of running the Berks Bonanza Supertrial, our top event of the year at Seymours Arena.

The weekend promised to be an amazing event and it certainly didn't disappoint, we had all the top UK riders with us except Dibs sadly, but it opened the trial up for a new winner to take the glory and the prize money.

The weekend started off on Saturday as usual with the ladies signing on at the arena in good time to get cracking at 10 o clock. Strong wind and rain had been forecast but it didn't really materialise, we had a couple of light showers throughout the day but not enough to affect the sections. The ladies riding the 'B route' got the trial underway, first away was Jazz Hammond from Surrey on her Sherco 125, a good crowd had gathered at section 1 to see the action commence. She was followed at one minute intervals by the rest of the 'B' girls, who had to ride two laps of 10 sections. Alicia Robinson on home turf rode brilliantly taking a commanding win on 19 marks dropped from Alice Minta on 27 and Gabby Whitham on 33.

It was great to see Nikita Smith, who was back from her long recovery after her serious road accident, she was the first lady away riding the hard route, followed by Louise Alford, Victoria Payne, Jess Bown, Becky Cook and finally Emma Bristow. They were to ride two laps of 10 sections in the morning. Emma ended the two laps dropping just four marks which was amazing with Becky a way back on 18 and then Jess Bown on 41.

Sadly only two sidecar teams turned up but they made a massive effort to entertain the crowd, literally throwing themselves at the rocky sections, it's amazing what these guys can do in these chairs.

The final lap got underway, after five sections the three highest scoring ladies were eliminated, those being Victoria Payne, Jess Bown and Louise Alford, leaving just Emma Bristow, Becky Cook, and Nikita Smith to finish the last five sections and fight for the three podium positions.

It was really tight between Emma and Becky up to the last few sections, Nikita was riding really well but after a few heavy falls she decided wisely to dip out of the last few sections. She received a big cheer and round of applause from the crowd for her brave effort.

Becky tried to hold on but sadly lost three fives in the last three sections which handed the win to a brilliant Emma Bristow who just seems to be unstoppable. It was literally five minutes after the trial had finished that the heavens opened and it absolutely poured down for the entire trophy presentation. Good old British Summer!

There are more pictures on the Gallery page.


Ladies Results


Sunday dawned with a cloudy overcast sky after a fair amount of rain overnight, but the wind blowing across the arena soon dried things out and the sections were good to go.

Stuart took the 15 riders round for a course inspection at 9.30 ready for the start at 10.30.

Andy Chilton was the first man away – section one was relatively easy to get the guys going, then it was straight into the famous man-made waterfall, the water wasn't running for the first two visits but the sump at the bottom was almost up to the spindle so the water soon dragged up the imposing concrete wall in front of them. Ross Danby on the TRS was the first to get up it with a clean to huge applause from the large crowd that had already gathered at the foot, the only other two riders to reach the summit for a clean on the first lap were Jack Sheppard and Iwan Roberts.

Iwan had an amazing first lap, completing it for the loss of just one dab which considering the severity of the sections was an outstanding ride. He had a nasty crash on the second lap and injured his leg quite badly which everyone thought would put pay to his winning attempt but he carried on regardless to complete the lap tied with Michael Brown and Jack Price. He went through to the final in top spot on cleans, which meant he would be riding the final lap last which is always preferred.

So on to the final lap went the top 8 riders, Iwan Roberts – Beta, Michael Brown – Gas Gas, Jack Sheppard – Beta, Jack Price – Gas Gas, Dan Peace – Gas Gas, Ross Danby – TRS, Alexz Wigg and Sam Haslam both on Gas Gas machines. Once again Iwan put in an impressive performance, only dropping one mark at the break off point of 5 sections, at this point Brownie was on 5, Jack Sheppard on 6 and Jack Price on 10 so they were the four that went forward to complete the final lap. The other four guys fought hard and put on a great display of skill but it wasn't to be this year so they had to stand aside to watch the final four fight it out for the top spot.

After the eighth section Brownie was in the lead, Iwan having dropped a further 12 marks to Michael's 5. But then the very next section Michael parted with a five on one of the big rock steps and Iwan went through with a clean, so it was all down to the last section. Brownie parted with a single dab on 10 which gave Iwan 3 points to play with, but he didn't need them, he got through the final section for a clean with a massive cheer from the crowd, so the young Iwan Roberts from Gwynedd in Wales took the glory of becoming the new 'King of Seymours'.

As with the Saturday, just as the riders finished the last section and everyone gathered by the lock-up for the trophy presentation the rain came down again.

Stuart Robinson, the 'main man' was presented with a framed poster which all of the riders over the two days had signed, this was given to him in recognition of the amazing effort he's made over the 10 years putting this high profile event together.

Well done to all of the15 riders who put on an amazing display of skill and courage attempting the massive technical rock sections that are built to test them to the limit.

Thanks go out to all club members and observers who have put in the time and effort to run this great event, thank you also to all sponsors and our generous landowners for their continued support, as you know it couldn't and wouldn't happen without you all, so we are eternally grateful.

Thank you to Dave Willoughby for his commentary and trophy presentation on Saturday and Julian Wigg and Steve Saunders for the commentary on Sunday and Julian for presenting the trophies to the guys.

The tenth running of the North Berks Supertrial was possibly the last for a while but after Stu posing the question to the riders and crowd at the end of Sunday as to whether we should run it again next year, we were greeted with a resounding yes…so watch this space!

We hope you all enjoyed your time with us.

There are more pictures on the Gallery page.


Mens Results



> POSTED: 21/06/16 16:49

Celebrating 10 years

North Berks MCC are celebrating the 10th year of running the prestigious Berks Bonanza SuperTrial at its famous venue, Seymours Arena in the little Oxfordshire village of Aston Tirrold, on the 20th & 21st August.

Over the last 10 years it has seen some famous names come and go. Graham Jarvis winning the first event back in 2002, he was chased hard all the way by Sam Connor, Michael Philipson & Steve Saunders. Michael Brown took the win the second year with the likes of Jonny Walker, Lee Sampson &  Mika Vesterinen close behind, all trying to win the big cash prize. King of the Berks Bonanza SuperTrial with 7 victories is James Dabill, he has always put on a great show although pushed by local men Alexz Wigg and Sam Haslam, Michael Brown, Ross Danby, Jack Challoner and many more. Unfortunately this year James will not be able to defend his title due to other commitments, so there will be another name for the 10th anniversary with the likes of Michael Brown, Alexz Wigg, Jack Sheppard, Ross Danby, Sam Haslam all trying to become the SuperTrial champion and pocket the £850 prize money that goes with it. The up and coming superstars of tomorrow including Jack Price, Dan and Jack Peace, Toby Martyn, Iwan Roberts and Tom Minta will also be pushing hard for the glory.

Work has started on the sections, we’ve had the heavy machinery in moving the rocks and logs for the challenging sections to give these top level riders something to think about. On Sunday the guys will be attempting 2 laps of 8 sections for the qualifying round, the top 8 riders then go through to the final, consisting of 1 lap of 10 sections, after 5 sections the 4 highest scorers drop out leaving 4 to chase to the end to see who is the 'NEW KING OF SEYMOURS'.

On Saturday it's the Ladies and Girls trial, with 2 routes for the ladies and girls battling it out over 2 laps of 10 sections to see who goes through to the final. Reigning World and British Champion Emma Bristow will be looking to retain her title. The other ladies have got a hard task in front of them to knock her off the top spot. You can be sure Becky Cooke, Jess Bown, Victoria Payne and Louise Alford will be trying the hardest. On the B course they'll be a great battle with local girl Alicia Robinson, Alice Minta, Gabby Whitham, Jen Stephens, Catherine Alford and Charlotte Kimber.

The Ladies trial will be followed closely by the top flight sidecar teams on Saturday. It’s amazing to see these chairs conquering the rocky sections that Seymours Arena is famous for.

If you havn't been before make sure you get it in your diary, its an amazing weekend, you won't believe what they can do on these bikes.

Event Photography

Check out picture galleries from numerous North Berks events by clicking the buttons below...


> POSTED: 21/07/16 08:45

Round 5 – Evening Club Trial @ Seymours

What an amazing evening!

50 or so riders turned up for Round 5 of the North Berks MCC Club Championship held at Seymours arena, we were treated to unbroken sunshine for the entire trial. It was great to see so many people out having fun. We hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks to all of the observers, Mick Bayliss, Sarah & Mark Anderson, Pauline & Stu Belcher, Todd Jones, Jim Axford, Pete White, Jon Probitts and Derek Dodd. Thanks also to Sue for getting everyone signed-on and results out sharpish.

Click the button below for the results. See you next time.

Next event: SuperTrial – 20/21st August at the Arena.



> POSTED: 15/07/16 16:13

The John Wheeler British Bike Night

This Tuesday evening saw hundreds of bikes and cars roll up at the Horse and Harrow in West Hagbourne for the yearly ride out to the John Wheeler Bike Night.

The evening got under way from 6pm and the visitors were welcomed by warm sunshine, as usual there were a wide variety of vehicles on show from classic rigid framed motorcycles to the Subaru Impreza and everything in between. North Berks MCC put on a Trials display on the far side of the field showing there talent riding over hazards including skips and a car.

Sadly the weather went down hill quickly from about 8pm, we had a downpour which saw the majority of the visitors taking refuge under the limited shelters and hedges, when there was a break in the rain people decided to leave to get their prides of joy back home in the dry.

Up until that point it was a really great night and a lot of people had turned out to what is a popular gathering of like minded people. What a summer!

Thanks to the club members for their time to arrange everything and prepare the field etc. for this popular annual event. Thanks also to the AJS & Matchless members, The Horse & Harrow for their continued support, the landowners and residents of the village.

A few pics courtesy of Sue below and a few more on the Gallery page.

> POSTED: 12/07/16 14:25

North Berks MCC Summer 2-Day Trial (Rounds 3 & 4 Club Championships)

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th July





Robinson Rocks at Besselsleigh

Off the back of her double win in Poland Alicia Robinson continued her form taking both wins at the North Berks 2 Day Summer Trial. Incorporating rounds 3 and 4 of the club championship Robinson out rode many of her peers and was impressive to watch. On the steep banks of the forma earth works, sections 2 to 4 were the most challenging with steep drops, camber turns and the odd fallen tree, this made this area of the course a popular viewing spot.

Section 4 was the most challenging for all classes but for the experts, 50/50 and Clubman routes the cambered turn at the top of the bank seemed un-cleanable at first. With a steep approach through a narrow gap between two trees and the rooted turn an angled tree lying at the top of the bank took marks off many. A gentle approach and a neatly executed pivot turn seemed to be the answer here. The new Section 6 cut-out on the side of a sandy bank with a soft approach to a hanging tree was also challenging until the ground packed down and gave the extra drive that was required to master this hazard.

Expert Riders Tom McCabe took the top spot on Saturday and Tom O’Sullivan took the honours on Sunday, both could not get to both rounds but local man Darren Wheeler was able to grab the second spot on both days.

In the Clubman 50/50 Class Scott Faulkner was a winner on both days and if it was not for a missed gate to the revised section 7 Keith Wooster would have pipped Scott on Sunday. Again the steep banks were the main mark takers but the slippery short turn on section 5 took marks from all of the riders in this class.

Clubman B rider Reynard Norris also cleaned up on both days, Justin Heavens kept Reynard in his sights on Saturday but slipped back to second by just one point after a 3 on section 5. Visiting Chris Grundy was also in contention on Sunday but the slippery angled rock on section 1 made him loose ground on Norris.

The Clubman C class which always attracts a large number of entries; Saturdays sections were slightly tougher than originally expected but as the day wore on more grip was found which made the going easier. It was a close battle on both days with the top three all within 5 marks. Brian Tomkins was on top Saturday but slipped to third on Sunday. Father and son team of Ryan and Neil Harris were having a great day’s sport but Ryan was just able to take home the bragging rights for Sunday by finishing just 3 marks clear of Dad Neil.

Another double winner was the popular Max Agar in the Youth C Class, he was a clear winner on Saturday but was able to pick up the double win by most cleans on Sunday.


Saturday Results

Expert: Tom McCabe 27, Darren Wheeler 38, Tony Moulder 43

Clubman 50/50: Scott Faulkner 8, Joe Bayliss 18, Liam Anderson 22

Clubman B: Reynard Norris 11, Justin Heavens 12, Stuart Belcher 28

Clubman C: Brian Tomkins 14, Neil Harris 17, Mark Anderson 19

Youth A: Brett Harbud 77 [MC], Ronnie Day 77

Youth 50/50: Alicia Robinson 34, Luke Hora 52

Youth B: Oscar Jones 31, Finley Belcher 40

Youth C: Max Agar 41, Tom Nicholls 49, Sam Avenell 50

Youth D: Ben Nicholls 20


Sunday Results

Expert: Tom O’Sullivan 32, Darren Wheeler 37

Clubman 50/50: Scott Faulkner 10, Keith Wooster 14, Joe Bayliss 19

Clubman B: Reynard Norris 4, Chris Grundy 10, Stuart Belcher 18

Clubman C: Ryan Harris 7, Neil Harris 10, Brian Tomkins 13

Youth A: Gus Oblein 32, Brett Harbud 50, Ronnie Day 57

Youth 50/50: Alicia Robinson 22, Oscar Jones 56

Youth B: Finley Belcher 32

Youth C: Max Agar 31 [MC], Sam Avenell 31, Tom Nicholls 71

Youth D: Ben Nicholls 2


A big thanks to all of our observers over the weekend, Mick Ainsworth, Andy Hora, Peter White, Jon Probitts, Kev Tame, Barry Wheeler, Derek Dodd, Krysti Anderson, Jim Axford, Mick Bayliss, Todd Jones, Duncan Agar, Richard Harbud and Pauline Belcher.

Well done Sue for getting everyone signed on and the cutting out, marking out, clearing up crew.

Gazza (Sliders Photography) was there on Sunday so click on the button to take you to his online portfolio.

Full results are available for you to download by clicking the buttons below.



> POSTED: 06/06/16 11:23

Alicia on the Top Step in Devon

Alicia won the 3rd round of the Acklams Beta Ladies & Girls British Championship A Class, which was held in Hartland Devon.

> POSTED: 15/05/16 22:37

Summer Practice at Seymours

The first practice session at Seymours was well supported last wednesday.

Even though the weather was threatening, it remained dry and a good number of club members enjoyed a great evening choosing their routes at the arena.

A few pics of the action from Leah below, more on the gallery page, also visit

her Facebook page for a lot more.

> POSTED: 12/05/16 16:54

North Berks on Show at Wallingford Vehicle Rally and Parade – 8th May 2016

The club put on a brilliant trials display at the popular Wallingford Vehicle Rally last weekend held on the Kinecroft in the centre of town.

It was a scorching hot day and the guys put on a great show throughout the day, there was a lot of interest from the public as usual.

This is a regular event for the town's calendar and is open to all classic, custom and interesting vehicles from bicycles to tank transporters. The event started with a parade of all vehicles through the historic market town to the display field which is a large piece of common land known as the "Kinecroft" in the heart of the town. The owners of the vehicles are then encouraged to show their vehicles in the display ring and talk to visitors to the event. There were plenty of Trade and Charity stands to look round at the event too.

Thanks to all involved for their efforts including Grundon for supplying and laying out the skips and various other obstacles for us.

Well done to Leah Robinson for taking some fantastic pics, click on the button to go to her Facebook page to see a lot more of the action.

Don't forget to 'Like' her page!

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